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Many people have searched the Uinta Mountains for many years, trying to locate the mine. Some have died in the attempt, leading to legends that the mine is cursed. While pondering what could cause a mine to be cursed, the image of a witch sealed inside a treasure chest popped into my mind.
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Money is at the root of this novel, several people are determined to find the old mines,where it is rumored that gold can still be found. When a school teacher on summer break finds an old mine and stakes a claim, he doesn't realize that it will be the start of death in the Uinta. Mountains. The plot is one that kept me guessing.
Feb 15, 2012 · A British archaeologist working in northern Ethiopia believes she may have discovered an ancient goldmine that holds clues about where the Queen of Sheba obtained her storied wealth. The Lost Abbey is an original craft beer company whose popularity is rising fast. With origins in the United States West coast, founders Vince and Gina Marsaglia are a couple that have launched numerous successful business ventures together.
Faded Footprints: The Lost Rhoades Mines and Other Hidden Treasures of the Uintahs The Uinta Basin asset, expected to produce about 20,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd) in 2020, was sold to a private operator for about C$700 million in cash, the company said without ... The famous treasure hunter Mel Fisher even came to the Uinta Mountains with George Thompson to search for the lost Rhoades treasure. Learn all the stories of old Mormon gold allegedly mined by Thomas and Caleb Rhoades for the benefit of Brigham Young and the Mormons; the secrets of the Carre-Shin-Ob or the lost gold mine of the Ute Indians and ...
Stories have been told for many years about “Lost gold mines” in the area, especially in the Uintas. As the stories go, Thomas Rhodes was privy to these mines by Chief Walkara. Promising to keep the location of these ‘mines’ a secret, Walkara showed Rhodes the location of the gold, which was rumored to have been used to establish the ...
Jul 22, 2014 · There's gold in the Uintas! Fishing for golden trout in Utah's high mountain lakes. By Paul Thompson DWR Northern Region aquatics manager. One of my passions is fly fishing for all western trout species. If you ask my wife Debbi, she would likely call it an obsession. Anyway, I prefer to call it a passion.
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